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Welcome to collaborative closing

SmartCLOSE is collaboration, compliance, workflow & document management all in one place


Lenders, settlement providers and associates work together inside a collaborative closing solution to view, edit, and exchange data and fees prior to closing.

End-to-end workflow

View and edit loan closing data in a synchronized collaborative workflow

Continuous Compliance

Compares changed values to ensure TRID tolerance monitoring

MISMO 3.3 compliant

Certified MISMO 3.3 compliant XML data and document exchange

LOS Integration

Bi-directional integration with leading Loan Origination Systems

Instant Communication

Real-time chat and instant messaging

Automated Event Logging

Automated event and audit logging


Integrated eDelivery of
borrower disclosures

Settlement View

Settlement/Title agent pipeline view

Generate and Deliver GSE-Certified UCD Files from inside SmartCLOSE!

  • Ensure quality control, loan delivery timing and compliance for your UCD files
  • Establish your UCD submission process to the GSE of your choice
  • UCD file generation and delivery is available from all DocMagic applications
  • Seamless delivery of UCD files via DocMagic’s API
  • Automatic data quality & compliance validations performed prior to UCD creation

SmartCLOSE - Collaborate on eClosing

SmartCLOSE solves many of the key challenges between lenders and settlement providers with a seamless, bi-directional exchange of data and related information. All relevant parties can communicate inside the secure environment during the closing process.

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